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New issues from Xspec 12.13.0

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Latest update 12.13.0g (Apr 26, 2023)

Requires patch installer v4.16

For details about the patch installer, including options available with the latest v4.16, see the installer notes

To apply patches, you'll need to have downloaded and already built the source code distribution of XSPEC. Your HEADAS environment variables must also be initialized, such as with the headas-init script as you would if you were running XSPEC.

To update your XSPEC installation with ALL listed patches:

  1. If you don't already have the patch installer tcl script (v4.16), download and place it in the heasoft-[ver]/Xspec/src directory in the source code distribution.
  2. Download the latest patchfile into the same directory. There is no need to unzip/untar the patchfile since the installer will do that.
  3. At the command line, launch the script by typing
    'tclsh patch_install_[ver].tcl', and that's all.

The script will detect which patches you've installed previously, copy the new code files to the necessary directories, determine whether complete or only partial rebuilds are necessary, and finally perform the rebuilds. Numbers listed in red indicate that the patch modifies the interface to one or more of XSPEC's libraries. These patches will generally cause longer rebuilds. If you have a local model library, it is recommended (though not always necessary) that you rebuild it with initpackage after applying red patches.

12.13.0a This fixes a couple of plotting issues: When the X axis is in energies or wavelengths, plot delchi and plot fitstat (or plot chisq) are not being scaled properly. When the X axis is in wavelengths and perhz is on, plot counts is unable to construct its Y axis label. Our thanks to Jeremy Hare for pointing this out. Report added on Nov 17, 2022.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSPlot/Commands/ PlotData.cxx, XSPlot/Plot/ CreateBinnedPlotGroups.cxx and .h.

12.13.0b If a model defined using mdefine calls another xspec model which requires a separate model calculation for each spectrum, that information is lost. Our thanks to Federico Garcia for reporting this. Report added on Nov 23, 2022.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSFunctions/Utilities/ MdefExpression.cxx, .h, XSCall.cxx and XSModelFunction.cxx.

12.13.0c Fix to additional plotting issues introduced with v12.13.0. plot delchi and plot fitstat/chisq are not being properly scaled when spectra have multiple models assigned to them. This also restores the insertion of systematic model error into plot delchi and plot fitstat/chisq, and adds it to other plots that were previously ignoring it. Our thanks to Jeremy Hare, Craig Markwardt, and Mariano Mendez for reporting this. Report added on Dec 08, 2022.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSPlot/Plot/ CreateBinnedPlotGroups.cxx,

12.13.0d Fix to mdefine so that it can now include built-in Xspec convolution models as part of its expressions for additive and multiplicative mdefine components. Our thanks to Mariano Mendez for reporting this. Report added on Feb 22, 2023.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSFunctions/Utilities/ MdefExpression.cxx and .h.

12.13.0e Added chain proposal uniform deltas [factor] and chain proposal uniform limits options. For backwards compatibility, chain proposal uniform defaults to chain proposal uniform limits. Report added on Feb 22, 2023.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSFit/ Makefile, src/XSFit/Randomizer/ Makefile, Randomizer.h, RandomizerPolicies.cxx, .h, src/XSUser/Global/ XSGlobal.cxx and src/XSUSer/Handler/ xsChain.cxx.

12.13.0f The zkerrbb model undercalculates the flux (and luminosity) by a factor of (1+z)^2. Our thanks to Andy Fabian for reporting this. Report added on Mar 21, 2023.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSFunctions/ kerrbb.cxx, zkerrbb.cxx and runkbb.f.

12.13.0g The Voigt line model can have a small sub-bin offset and incorrect shape. Our thanks to Roi Rahin for reporting this. Report added on Apr 26, 2023.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSUtil/ Makefile, src/XSUtil/Numerics/ Makefile, Faddeeva.cxx, .h and src/XSFunctions/ voigtLine.cxx.

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