This is the command line interface used in Xselect. It has some useful features for listing the available commands, their parameters, and the current defaults. It also has scripting and alias facilities. It is not case sensitive, and does command completion for both command names and parameter names, so you need enter only the shortest unique string for any command.

The UNIX version also inherits the nice command line editing features of the READLINE library, which has an EMACS like syntax for command line searches, and supports up and down arrow history recall, and filename completion using the tab key.

It has some magic characters, which are captured in the parser, and so they must be surrounded by double quotes to get past XPI.

In most cases, XPI is fairly forgiving, so you do not need too detailed a knowledge of it. For all practical purposes, you only need to know what the magic characters are (see magic), and the general syntax of the command line.


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