This will cause XPI to open, close or use a script file.

At any prompt, it is possible to cause XPI to start reading from a script (indirect command file). For example,

Do you wish to continue? @YES.XCO

would cause XPI to search for the file YES.XCO. If the file is found the XPI would open the file, and read the answer from it. Thus the first line in YES.XCO should contain either yes or no.

To open a script file for keystroke recording, give the command

xsel >  script <script file>

where $<$script file$>$ is the name of the file to be opened (default extension is .xco). If $<$script file$>$ matches the string“none” then the current script file is closed. The script contains a list of the commands executed – to get a complete dump of the session use the log command.


xsel >  script michelle

will start putting commands into michelle.xco

xsel >  script none

stops recording commands and closes the script file.


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