With no arguments, recall prints the last 20 commands given. With a numerical argument, it reruns that command from the command list. The only tricky part of this is that when you add a new commands the command numbers get shifted down by 1 for all the previous commands, so the same number will refer to different commands as you add more commands.

On Unix systems, this is no longer necessary, since the up and down cursor keys serve the same function.


xsel:ASCA-sis1 > recall

     1 HELP
     2 SET inst sis1
     3 CHOOSE 1-2
     4 FAINT
     5 BIN image
     6 SAVE image -image.fits
     7 SHOW status
     8 HELP

xsel:ASCA-sis1 > recall 3
xsel:ASCA-sis1 > CHOOSE 1-2

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