slimbh: Stationary slim accretion disk

This is a relativistic model for X-ray continuum of stationary slim accretion disks around stallar mass black holes. This model is based on disk radial structure solutions presented in Sadowski et al. (2011) combined with vertical structure computed using TLUSTY code to make the best model for X-ray continuum for a wide range of luminosities up to Eddington limit. See also Straub et al. (2011).

Using the xset command to set SLIMBB_DEBUG to 1 will cause debug information to be written to a log file. The table file used by this model can be replaced by setting SLIMBB_DIR and SLIMBB_TABLE to the directory and name of the file, respectively.

The parameters are:

par1 M: mass of the black hole (in solar units)
par2 a: black hole spin parameter (dimensionless; 0<a<0.999)
par3 L: luminosity (total disk luminosity in Eddington units)
par4 alpha: alpha-viscosity
par5 i: inclination (in degrees; 0<=i<=85)
par6 D: distance to the source (in kpc)
par7 f: hardening factor; negative value means to use TLUSTY spectra
par8 lflag: a flag to switch on/off the effect of limb-darkening (not allowed to be free). If positive, disk emission is limb-darkened; if <=0, disk emission is assumed to be isotropic
par9 vflag: switch on/off surface profile; if positive, raytracing is done from the actual photosphere; if <=0, spectrum is raytraced from the equatorial plane ignoring the height profile of the disk
par10 normalization (should be fixed to 1)

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