KML Browse Interface

Show Browse observations and objects in Google Sky and other KML-aware services.

We will add on to this page as we become aware of other KML services that could be useful to Browse users.

Google Sky   

Below we describe two ways to add Network Links via a KML file in Google Sky. Network Links are used to automatically update Browse sources as you move from region to region in Google Sky. Clicking on the position markers will give information about the source and links to data products and images in other wavelengths.

Getting Started

Google Sky is an option within Google Earth. Download and install the Google Earth application

Create Network Links by uploading KML files

Clicking on the links below will create KML files on your computer. With certain browsers and computers the Google Sky application may start up automatically and display the Browse sources. If this is not the case you will need to do the following:
  • Start Google Earth
  • Switch to Google Sky using the icon on the top of the Google Earth display
  • Use the Add->Network Link menu option to upload the KML file you just created. Enter the full path of the KML file or use the Browse option to locate it. After clicking OK sources will automatically be displayed and will be updated as you move around in Google Sky.

Multiple Table KML files

Single Table KML file

Screenshot of the Add->Network Link window

Create Network Links Using a URL

The following describes another way to create a Network Link:
  • Start Google Earth
  • Switch to Google Sky using the icon on the top of the Google Earth display
  • Select menu option Add->Network Link
  • Enter the URL of the script that creates the KML file for one or more Browse tables using the format

    Any number of tables can be added to the link. As an example, to create a Network Link for the 3rd EGRET Catalog, the Messier Catalog and the RXTE Target Index Catalog use the following URL:

If you have questions please visit our Feedback page.

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