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ASCA's Gas Imaging Spectrometers

ASCA's two Gas Imaging Spectrometers (GIS) were built by scientists and engineers at Tokyo University. The GIS, an imaging gas scintillation proportional counter, has two main parts: the gas cell, and the photon- sensitive phototube.

The gas cell is filled with a mixture of xenon (90 percent) and helium (10 percent). The cell has a front window made of beryllium (10 microns thick). The voltage across the gass cell is 8000 V.

The phototube was made by scientists and engineers at Hamamatsu Photonics. It has a quartz window (7.5 cm thick) and ten-stage dynodes.

The area of the GIS that is sensitive to X-rays is 50 mm in diameter. Other "vital statistics" of the GIS are as follows:

  • Energy Range : 0.7 keV to 10 keV
  • Energy Resolution: 8 percent at 5.9 keV
  • Field of View: circular, with a diameter of 50 arcmin

Effective area and energy resolution of GIS and SIS

More GIS Information

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