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HEASARC support for unencrypted FTP access will be ending on September 20, 2019. Please see this notice for details.

ASCA Guest Observer Facility

The ASCANEWS Exploder

The ASCANEWS e-mail exploder is one of the main channels of communication between the ASCA project and the community. Appended is a brief summary on the usage of this exploder.

You can find the ASCANEWS email archive at:

Basics of the ASCANEWS Exploder

ASCANEWS is a self-subscribing list.
You can subscribe to the list by sending an e-mail to from your own account with the following as the body of the text (not in the Subj: field):
subscribe ascanews Amelia Earhart
(Substitute your own name for "Amelia Earhart" above). To unsubscribe, send to the same address, from the account you are registered on, a message stating:
unsubscribe ascanews
A change of address can be accomplished by combining these two commands.

Subscribers cannot send e-mails to ASCANEWS.
ASCANEWS is reserved exclusively for the use of the ASCA project to send out important announcements. Only a limited number of people within the project are allowed to send messages to ASCANEWS.

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HEASARC Guest Observer Facility
If you have any questions concerning ASCA, visit our Feedback form.

This file was last modified on Tuesday, 23-Apr-2002 11:54:16 EDT

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