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SIS News

Last modified March 30, 2001

This document lists various articles regarding the SIS instrument, calibration and software. Please take heed of the chronological order of the articles as some information in earlier articles may be superceeded by later ones.

Guest Observers who have questions regarding the SIS instrument and/or calibration are encouraged to notify the ASCA GOF by sending e-mail to

ASCANews Articles

  • Recipe for RDD Correction (Modified on 1998 November 27).

  • Event Threshold and 2-Pixel Events

  • Overview and Current Status of the ASCA SIS (ASCANews 1).

  • Initial Report on the SIS Internal Background (ASCANews 2).

  • Long-Term SIS Performance (ASCANews 2).

  • Echo and DFE in the SIS: How to Correct Them (ASCANews 2).

  • Effects of radiation damage on SIS performance (ASCANews 3).

  • SIS Calibration and Software: Recent Developments (ASCANews 4).

  • SIS Grade 6 Events (ASCANews 4).

  • Effects of the Flickering Pixels to the SIS Non X-ray Background (ASCANews 4).

  • Recent Progress of SIS Calibration and Software (ASCANews 5). (Updated on 2001 March 30)

    SIS Calibration Information Pages at ISAS

    Other Articles

    1. Updated Calibration of Non-uniform CTI (March 30, 2001).

    2. Non-linear Secular Evolution of the SIS CTI (Updated March 30, 2001).

    3. Low-Energy Degradation of SIS in 1-CCD Mode (June 7, 2000).

    4. SIS resolution degradation due to non-uniform CTI (Dec 27, 1995).

    5. On the limits of current SIS calibration (Dec 27, 1995).

    6. SIS energy-channel relationship (gain and offset) (Sep 1, 1995).

    7. A new SIS CTI calibration file (Aug 9, 1995).

    8. A problem with the DFE (Dark Frame Error) correction (Updated Mar 5, 1995).

    9. SIS gain calibration and CCD clocking mode (Mar 5, 1995).

    10. The effect of RDD (Residual Darkframe Distribution) on SIS data (Mar 31, 1995).

    11. The dependence of SIS background on RBM_CONT (Mar 31, 1995).

    12. Release note for the current response matrices and the background files (WWW version: Apr 13, 1995; in the original e-mail form: Nov 9, 1994).

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