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Bugs/Features in the ASCA data analysis software

Last updated on 2002 June 26

This list is appropriate for HEAsoft v5.2 and supersedes the ASCA bug list for HEAsoft v5.1. Please also check known FTOOLS bugs and A list of known XSPEC bugs.

  • addascaspec

    The current release version of this script does not (and cannot) specify the algorithm to be used for error propagation. Thus the result depends on the value of errmeth parameter in mathpha. We recommend the POISS-0 option, by typing:

    pset mathpha errmeth=POISS-0

    before using the release version of addascaspec.

    Alternatively, a new version of addascaspec is available for download, which allows users to specify errmeth as an optional argument.

  • mathpha

    errmeth=POISS-2 and errmeth=POISS-3 options do not work in the HEAsoft 5.2 release version of mathpha, although these are not recommended for ASCA data analysis.

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