MAXI Calibration History releases

Listed below is the MAXI history of the CALDB releases. The CALDB release date corresponds to the date when the calibration files included in the release were made public and links to a combined release note if calibration files for more than one instrument were released.
The description column contains the CALDB date when the CALDB index for each of the instrument was generated. The CALDB date links to the CALDB index. In the description column is also noted when the Calibration data were simultaneously released with the software. The columns named after each instrument links to the page containing the release notes for that instrument.
The same page also contains individual SSC , and GSC , calibration delivery history.

CALDB release date Description GSC SSC
2019-09-16 CALDB release for the GSC(20190916) and SSC(20190916) Release note Release note
2018-09-12 CALDB release for the GSC(20180912) and SSC(20180912) Release note Release note
2018-02-28 First build of CALDB for GSC and SSC

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