NICER Archive: Getting started


The NICER science data are organized by sequence (10 digit number), where a sequence corresponds to an observation of one day in lenght. The sequences are located in the HEASARC NICER data archive area in the /obs directory which is divided in one month interval subdirectories named YYYY_MM (YYYY year MM month). The sequences are located in the YYYY_MM. The archive structure is therefore:

         2017_06/  2017_07/  2017_08/  2017_09/    .....
                   1020140114/ 1020270115/ .....
                         auxil/ log/ xti/
                                event_uf/ event_cl/ hk/ 

Archive access : Web, FTP and wget

At the HEASARC the NICER archive can be accessed using the web interfaces Browse or via anonymous FTP or via Wget.