NICER / ISS Science Nugget for January 12, 2018

Millisecond pulsar detected for the first time in X-rays

The NICER search working group has strongly detected (10.5 sigma) the very bright gamma-ray (and not-so-bright radio) millisecond pulsar (MSP) J0614-3329 with about 88ks of good exposure time. The pulsations appear to be primarily thermal, with a count rate of ~0.04 cts/sec. The pulsar is at a distance of about 2 kpc, determined using the radio-measured Dispersion Measure.

First detection of X-ray pulsations from PSR J0614-3329

Figure: Phaseogram of the NICER X-ray data for the millisecond pulsar J0614-3329. This is the first detection of X-ray pulsations from this source.

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