NICER / ISS Science Nugget for March 21, 2019

High visibility for NICER science at the March 2019 HEAD meeting

The 2019 meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) of the American Astronomical Society is happening this week. At this meeting, there are 34 poster presentations (e.g., enclosed figure) and 12 oral presentations of NICER data. The presentations spanned a wide swath of topics that NICER pursues on the ISS, including stellar flares, neutron star science, and black hole science.

Below is a collage showing many of the poster presentations highlighting NICER scientific results.

Collage of posters from the March 2019 HEAD meeting

Figure: Collage of posters from the March 2019 High-Energy Astrophysics Division meeting of the American Astronomical Society. The posters highlighted the wide range of scientific topics that NICER can address.

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