TESS Software Tools

Observation planning

We currently have two piece of software available to assist with writing proposals: tvguide and ticgen. These tools are described in our proposal tools page. We also have a web tool that provides this functionality.

Data analysis

The TESS Science Support Center will be providing software to analyze TESS data. This will be built upon the PyKE software created by the Kepler Science Center.

MAST will be providing open-source, Python software that will allow users to create custom cutouts of TESS Full-Frame Images given a coordinate and area on the sky. The software will provide cutouts of each 30-minute FFI in target pixel file (TPF) FITS format. There are plans to offer additional functionality, such as quick-look light curves from the cutouts, and source catalogs that can be overlaid on the returned files.


We will be creating tutorials to assist with using the available software.