Release Notes Version 4.2
Part of HEAsoft 5.3 - November 17, 2003

* Changes in version 4.2
  • WCS support added using Starlink AST library. Ximage now recognizes the coordinate systems defined in the WCS convention, enabling grid plots and coordinate conversions in such systems.
    Orthographic, Hammer-Aitoff, and Zenith Equal-Area Projections
  • Swift XRT support
  • Ability to read in event file with a rebin that is a real value. For example, rebin=0.5 in the case of Chandra subdivides the standard pixel size in half.

* New commands
  • crop - Crop image without re-reading
  • curve - Draw path of shortest distance between to sky positions
  • moper - Perform elementary math operations between maps
  • remap - Remap image to new coordinate system, resampling pixels by a variety of methods
  • wcs - Manage internal wcs data structures

New options
  • coord
    • xsky/ysky - Convert coordinates given in system of original image
  • detect
    • fitsdet - Output detect results in FITS file
  • grid
    • radec - Draw grid in RA/Dec coordinates
    • equinox - Set the equinox of the plotted coordinates
    • labcolor - Set color of numeric labels
    • nolabel - Omit numeric labels
  • map
    • isequal - Return whether mapids correspond to same map
    • gettmp - Return temporary mapid independent of MAP1-9 slots
  • write_image
    • nowcs - Ignore wcs data, using only internal header keywords upon write

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