Help files (Output from fhelp):

    * autocor - calculates auto correlation for a time series
    * crosscor - calculates cross correlation of two time series
    * efold - creates epoch folded lightcurve, hardness and color-color plots
    * efsearch - finds best chi-squared period by folding over range of periods
    * listdata - list data file on the screen
    * lcmath - subtracts or adds two binned lightcurves
    * lcstats - calculates statistical variables a time series
    * lcurve - creates lightcurves, hardness and color-color plots
    * powspec - creates power spectrum density
    * timeskew - calculates time skewness function for a time series
    * xronwin - creates a window file suitable for xronos tasks

    * ascii2flc - creates a xronos input FITS file from an ASCII file
    * flc2ascii - dumps xronos input or output into ASCII file readable by QDP
    * rbf2fits - converts the "EXOSAT rate buffer" format into FITS
    * earth2sun - changes times to solar system barycenter

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