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New issues from Xspec 12.14.0

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Latest update 12.14.0h (Apr 10, 2024)

Requires patch installer v4.18

For details about the patch installer, including options available with the latest v4.18, see the installer notes

To apply patches, you'll need to have downloaded and already built the source code distribution of XSPEC. Your HEADAS environment variables must also be initialized, such as with the headas-init script as you would if you were running XSPEC.

To update your XSPEC installation with ALL listed patches:

  1. If you don't already have the patch installer tcl script (v4.18), download and place it in the heasoft-[ver]/Xspec/src directory in the source code distribution.
  2. Download the latest patchfile into the same directory. There is no need to unzip/untar the patchfile since the installer will do that.
  3. At the command line, launch the script by typing
    'tclsh patch_install_[ver].tcl', and that's all.

The script will detect which patches you've installed previously, copy the new code files to the necessary directories, determine whether complete or only partial rebuilds are necessary, and finally perform the rebuilds. Numbers listed in red indicate that the patch modifies the interface to one or more of XSPEC's libraries. These patches will generally cause longer rebuilds. If you have a local model library, it is recommended (though not always necessary) that you rebuild it with initpackage after applying red patches.

12.14.0a The plot polangle command causes a seg fault if no model is defined. Our thanks to Michal Dovciak for reporting this. Report added on Feb 29, 2024.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSPlot/Plot/ CreatePolarizationPlotGroups.cxx

12.14.0b Fixes necessary for compilation on Macs using Xcode/clang v15.3 Report added on Mar 21, 2024.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/xslib/ihf/ ihf.c and src/include/ XSstreams.h.

12.14.0c The fakeit command does not handle data systematic errors correctly when using a spectrum as the source (ie. not 'fakeit none'). The systematic error should not be used as part of the probability distribution when simulating data. Report added on Mar 21, 2024.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSModel/Data/ OGIP-92aData.cxx, SpectralData.cxx and .h, src/XSPlot/Plot/ CreateBinnedPlotGroups.cxx, CreatePolarizationPlotGroups.cxx, src/XSStat/ Weight.cxx, src/XSUser/ xsShow.cxx, and src/XSUser/Python/xspec/ PySpectrum.cxx.

12.14.0d The changes in the previous bug fix did not include writing out the SYS_ERR column after fakeit if appropriate. Our thanks to Dev Sadaula for reporting this. Report added on Mar 28, 2024.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSModel/Data/ OGIP-92aData.cxx, src/XSModel/DataFactory/ OGIP-92aIO.cxx and .h.

12.14.0e This fixes a bug introduced in v12.14.0 that was preventing the setplot id plotting option from displaying APEC line IDs. Our thanks to Shu Niu for reporting this. Report added on Apr 02, 2024.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSPlot/Plot/ PlotDirector.cxx

12.14.0f This fixes a memory error that can cause a crash in the new bsedov model. Our thanks to Doug Burke for reporting this. Report added on Apr 09, 2024.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSFunctions/ bsedov.cxx

12.14.0g The fourth parameter in the bwcycl model had been renamed from 'delta' to 'del' after Xspec v12.13. That was causing parsing problems in PyXspec when trying to access the parameter by name, so this patch changes its name back to 'delta'. Our thanks to Georgios Vasilopoulos for reporting this. Report added on Apr 09, 2024.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/manager/ model.dat

12.14.0h The newpar command does not properly parse the case where a model name begins with a '0'. Our thanks to Mariano Mendez for reporting this. Report added on Apr 10, 2024.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSUser/Handler/ xsNewpar.cxx

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