This page provides links to XRISM documentation, including instrument hardware and analysis software documentation. Currently, only preliminary documentation is provided for XRISM. Hitomi archival documentation is also provided for reference.

Instrument Hardware Documentation

XRISM Software Documentation

  • XRISM simulation information and data for the Science Team is currently located on the JAXA website.
  • Other XRISM proposal tools are located here.

Hitomi Software Documentation

We refer to Hitomi software here since the XRISM software was developed from a Hitomi software basis. XRISM, essentially being a re-fly of the Hitomi mission, uses much of the same software algorithms. Upgrades and updates have been made from Hitomi for XRISM at the instrument level, which have been implemented (or will be implemented before launch) for the XRISM software. The Hitomi software will continue to be available, as will the archive, but the Hitomi software will not work for XRISM data. Additionally, some known bugs have been fixed while updating the Hitomi to XRISM software.