Proposals & Tools

This material is in support of the upcoming call for Guest Scientists.

The table below contains links to software and support files, tar files as well as documentation, which allow the user to simulate events and spectra for the Resolve spectrometer on XRISM (and SXS on Hitomi). The same files can be downloaded directly from the XRISM FTP.

If you need help, please send your queries using the HEASARC feedback form for XRISM.

Simulation Software, Support Files, and User Guide

HEASoft (current version)

The software is part of the HEASoft suite of tools available here. The main tasks used are the following:
  heasim -- simulate an event file
  skyback -- simulate sky X-ray background
  sxsbranch -- calculate the spectrometer branching ratio
  XSPEC -- for spectra simulation
  XSELECT -- extract spectra from event file

To install the software follow the steps in the general installation directions for the HEASoft distribution.

FTP site for simulation files

The link to the left is for the FTP location of all XRISM pre-launch simulation tools described here. The following files are also available directly from the links below:
  General README -- General and more extensive README for all simulation files
  Simulation file README -- Read this file for overview information on the XRISM Resolve simulation files
  Support files README -- Read this file for overview information on the XRISM Resolve simulation support files
  Simulation User Guide -- User guide on performing XRISM Resolve simulations, which supplements the quick guide
  Simulation files (direct download) -- This tarfile includes the support files for heasim as well as the responses and background files needed
      to simulate Resolve data and spectra (heasimfiles_20201012.tar.gz)
  heasim scripts (direct download) -- This tarfile includes the scripts that are documented in the user guide above
  Spectral files (direct download) -- This tarfile includes only those files needed for spectral (e.g., Xspec) simulations (specfiles_v003.tar.gz)
  XRISM Simulation Quick Guide -- Quick guide to performing XRISM Resolve simulations

XRISM Relevant Papers
XRISM Overview

This overview was presented at the SPIE conference in December 2020.

XRISM White Paper

This white paper lays out the intended science goals of XRISM.

Other XRISM Publications

Collection of XARM and XRISM publications.

Hitomi Relevant Papers
Hitomi Instrument papers

This collection of papers includes a general description of the Hitomi observatory as well as papers describing the instruments. These are the proceedings of the SPIE conference in Edinburgh 2016.

Hitomi White Papers

These white papers are representative of the science planned to achieve with Hitomi.