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26 Oct 2022 - The 1st XRISM Data Analysis Workshop: Feb. 22-23, 2023: This workshop is to prepare the astronomical community for the upcoming Cycle 1 General Observer Call for Proposals for XRISM. There is no registration fee; however, registration is required. Deadline for in-person participation is Dec 6, 2022.

18 Apr 2022 - XGS Call Released: Through the XGS program, scientists who are not XRISM Science Team members may apply to participate in the observation planning and data analysis of individual PV phase targets.

15 Feb 2021 - PV Targets Released: The targets for the Performance Verification (PV) phase of the XRISM mission have been selected. The PV phase will commence after checkout and calibration and will last for approximately six months.

14 Oct 2020 - XRISM Site for the Public at NASA: NASA XRISM web site is now open.

19 Aug 2020 - Assembling XRISM's X-ray Mirrors: Goddard Media Studios features completed components of the flight mirror assemblies developed for XRISM.

31 Jan 2020 - XRISM Calorimeter Spectrometer Insert and Mirror Tests: Goddard Media Studios spotlights testing the XRISM instrument elements.

30 Jan 2020 - Mirror Quadrants for XRISM: Goddard Media Studios presents the XRISM X-ray Mirror Assemblies.

29 Jan 2020 - XRISM Site for the Public at ISAS/JAXA: ISAS/JAXA XRISM web site is now open.

04 Sep 2018 - XRISM Project Initiated by JAXA: JAXA has established the project team for XRISM, which will recover the high resolution spectroscopic capabilities of Astro-H (Hitomi).

11 May 2018 - Five US-based Participating Scientists selected for XARM

12 Sep 2017 - ROSES opportunity to select the Participating Scientists for XARM

01 Sep 2017 - Simulation tools available for the ROSES selection of the Participating Scientists for XARM

24 Aug 2017 - JAXA/NASA announcement to the international community on the plans for scientific participation in the X-ray Astronomy Recovery Mission (XARM)

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