Timelines and Mission Information

PV Targets

Pre-Launch Timeline

  • 2017: Initial project study and assessment.
  • 2018: Project kickoff and basic design decision.
  • 2019: Production and testing of instruments and assembly of spacecraft.
  • 2019: Delivered Calorimeter Spectrometer Insert (CSI) for Resolve (Nov 2019) to JAXA from GSFC.
  • 2020: Instrument delivery to Japan, spacecraft assembly, and testing of all flight hardware.
  • Mid 2020: Integration and testing of the Resolve CSI in Japan.
  • Late 2020:Continued integration and testing of integrated XMA at GSFC.
  • Early 2021: PV target list selected and posted above.
  • Fall 2021: XMA scheduled to be delivered to JAXA.
  • Spring 2022: XGS (XRISM Guest Scientist) call released.
  • Japanese Fiscal Year 2022: Expected launch date from Japan.

Post-Launch Timeline

  • Japanese FY 2022: Anticipated launch date from Japan.
  • Launch (L) - L+3mos: Checkout and initial calibration phase.
  • L+3mos - L+9mos: PV (Performance & Verification) phase - see target list (eventually link to target list).
  • L+9mos - end of mission: General observer (GO) phase.
  • L+3yrs: End of nominal mission. Start of cryogen free mission.