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This material is in support of the Reasearch Opportunity in Space and Earth Science (ROSES), 1 Sep 2017 to select the Participating Scientists for XRISM.

The table below contains links to software and support files tar files as well as documentation which allow to simulate events and spectra for the Resolve spectrometer on XRISM. The same files can be downloaded directly from the XRISM FTP.

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Simulation Software, support files and User Guide

Simulation software
tar file (~2.1GB)

The software is part of HEASoft 6.22 and this tar file contains only software routines to simulate events as well as spectra, using XSPEC. The content includes :
  heasim to simulate an event file
  skyback to simulate Sky X-ray Background
  sxsbranch to calculate the spectrometer branching ratio
  XSPEC for spectra simulation and XSELECT to extract spectra from event file.

To install the software follow the steps in the installation instructions . More details on software installation are available from the general HEASoft distribution

Support files and responses
tar file (~ 80MB)

This tar file is required by the software simulation tools. It contains the support files necessary to run heasim , sxsbranch and the responses to simulate spectra with XSPEC.

Simulation scripts
tar file

This tar file contains the scripts, command files, and support files to execute the examples described in the user guide. Note it is not necessary to install or run the software with simulations that do not use the examples in the user guide.

User Guide for Simulation

The User Guide contains the descriptions of the software tasks (heasim, skyback, sxsbranch ), of the support files and responses necessary to run the simulations as well as step-by-step examples on how to run the software for specific simulations.

Hitomi relevant papers
Hitomi Instrument papers

This collection of papers includes a general description of the Hitomi observatory as well as papers describing the instruments. These are the proceedings of the SPIE conference in Edinburgh 2016.

Hitomi White Papers

These white papers are representative of the science planned to achieve with Hitomi.