batbinevt - Compute mask weighted light curves or spectra from BAT event data.
batcelldetect - Perform source detection using the sliding cell method.
batclean - Read in a DPI and clean out a fit to the diffuse background.
batdetmask - Retrieve BAT gross detector quality map from CALDB.
batdph2dpi - (OBSOLETE) compress a 3-d image cube in a FITS binary table along the first (energy) dimension to create a 2-d image.
batdph2pha - (OBSOLETE) Read in a BAT Detector Plane Histogram and output a file containing a spectrum for each detector.
batdrmgen - Compute BAT detector response matrix for a known source position.
bateconvert - Read in an event file and apply energy conversions.
baterebin - Read in a survey DPH and rebin the energy spectra using quadratic corrections.
batfftimage - Make sky image from detector plane image by FFT deconvolution.
batglobalgti - Retrieve BAT global science analysis times.
batgrbproduct - Perform standard BAT GRB processing.
bathotpix - Locate and mask out hot pixels in a BAT detector image.
batid2xy - Convert between detector ID and x/y position in the BAT array.
batimgstatpos - Compute celestial coordinates for BAT image status packets.
batmasktaglc - Derive light curves from mask tagged rate packets.
batmaskwtevt - Compute mask weights for an event file.
batmaskwtimg - Compute mask weights for the entire detector BAT plane.
batoccultgti - Compute BAT good time intervals due to occultation.
batoccultmap - Compute BAT exposure mask due to occultation.
batphasimerr - Estimate statistical errors for simulated BAT spectrum.
batphasyserr - Apply BAT spectral systematic error vector.
batsumdph - (OBSOLETE) Add specified rows in a BAT_DPH table and generate a new, single-row BAT_DPH extension.
batsurvey - Perform processing on BAT Survey DPH data.
battblocks - Estimate interesting Bayesian Blocks and burst durations for time-variable data.
battsplit - Split a good time interval into smaller parts.
batupdatephakw - Update BAT ray tracing columns in spectral files.


uvot2pha - Create a pha file from a UVOT image and region files.
uvotapercorr - Aperture correction for Swift-UVOT source count rates.
uvotapplywcs - Perform coordinate translations as given by WCS keywords.
uvotaspcorr - Find aspect corrections for UVOT sky images.
uvotattcorr - Adjust attitude file with information from UVOT aspect corrections.
uvotbadpix - Create pixel quality maps for UVOT images
uvotcentroid - Locate the centroid of a source on a UVOT image.
uvotcoincidence - Perform coincidence loss correction.
uvotdetect - Detect sources in a UVOT image.
uvotevgrism - Filter a UVOT grism event list and determine wavelength
uvotevtlc - Make a background-subtracted light curve from UVOT event data.
uvotexpcorr - (OBSOLETE) Swift/UVOT exposure time correction.
uvotexpmap - Generate exposure maps for UVOT sky images.
uvotflatfield - Perform flat-fielding on UVOT images.
uvotflux - Convert source count rates to magnitudes and flux.
uvotgraspcorr - Aspect correct UVOT grism images.
uvotgrplot - Plot UVOT grism spectrum.
uvotimage - Create UVOT level 2 images.
uvotimgrism - Extract UVOT grism spectra.
uvotimsum - Sum UVOT sky images or exposure maps.
uvotinteg - Determine centroid/area/sum for an image region.
uvotlc - Create level III light curve from Level II UVOT data
uvotlss - Calculate large scale sensitivity corrections.
uvotmag - (OBSOLETE) Use uvotcoincidence/uvotflux instead.
uvotmaghist - Make a light curve from the exposures in a UVOT image file.
uvotmodmap - Correct UVOT images for modulo-8 spatial fixed-pattern noise.
uvotoptsum - Optimally coadd UVOT images.
uvotpict - Create a finding chart image.
uvotpipeline - Run UVOT analysis software
uvotproduct - Create level III science products from Level II UVOT data.
uvotrmfgen - Create a UVOT response matrix.
uvotscreen - Filter a UVOT event list.
uvotsequence - List and visualize UVOT observing sequences.
uvotshiftpha - Shift a UVOT PHA in time assuming a power-law decay
uvotskycorr - Attempt to aspect correct UVOT sky images.
uvotskylss - Create and sum large scale sensitivity maps.
uvotsource - Instrumental source magnitude derived from UVOT image.
uvottfc - Swift/UVOT TDRSS finding chart processing.
uvotunicorr - Perform user-guided aspect correction of a sky image.


xrtcalcpi - Fill or update PI column in XRT event files (PC, WT and PD modes).
xrtcentroid - Calculate source centroid for a given area (box) using XIMAGE.
xrtevtrec - Reconstruct events, calculate PHA and assign grade for WT and PD modes.
xrtexpocalc - Generate exposure map from sky coordinates instrument map.
xrtexpocorr - Apply vignetting correction to sky coordinates instrument map.
xrtexpomap - Generate exposure maps for XRT Photon Counting mode event files.
xrtfilter - Run 'prefilter' and 'makefilter' to create a filter file from housekeeping data.
xrtflagpix - Flag events for bad pixels and calibration source location.
xrtgrblc - Swift XRT GRB light curve extraction task.
xrthkproc - Process XRT housekeeping header packets file.
xrthotpix - Search for hot and flickering pixels for XRT Photon Counting mode.
xrtimage - Subtract bias and clean bad pixels in XRT Imaging Mode data.
xrtinstrmap - Build the RAW intrument map.
xrtlccorr - Generate rate correction file and corrected PC/WT light curve.
xrtmkarf - Generate an ARF file for an input RMF file.
xrtpcbias - Correct the bias subtracted on-board for PC mode.
xrtpccorr - Correct on-ground PHAS values for data taken in Photon Counting mode.
xrtpcgrade - Calculate the PHA values and assign event grades.
xrtpdcorr - Subtract the bias to the event PHA values taken in Photodiode mode.
xrtphascorr - Re-order the pixel telemetered in the PC PHAS array.
xrtpipeline - Run in sequence the tasks for XRT data processing.
xrtproducts - Generate high level product data files from a cleaned event file.
xrtscreen - Generate GTIs and use them (and other criteria) to perform event screening.
xrttam - Perform attitude correction to detector coordinates using the TAM device.
xrttdrss - Process XRT TDRSS messages.
xrttdrss2 - Process new XRT TDRSS messages (telemetry patches f and g support).
xrttimetag - Assign event arrival times and fill DETX/DETY columns for Windowed Timing and Photodiode modes.
xrtversion - Print the version and date of the Swift-XRT subpackage.
xrtwtcorr - Correct on-ground the bias for data taken in Windowed Timing mode.

Swift General

attjumpcorr - Correct Swift attitude files for jumps.
swiftround - Perform rounding on a multi-extension FITS file.
swifttime - Swift time system converter.
swiftversion - Report overall version number and date of entire HEADAS/Swift package.
swiftxform - Perform image tansformations on a multi-extension Swift image file.
swtimecorr - Apply clock correction to Swift files (with option to convert to UTC).

Non Swift-Specific

barycorr - Generalized multi-mission barycenter correction tool.
expomap - Generate an exposure map.
makefilter - Create a filter file from housekeeping files.
prefilter - Derive attitude and orbit-related quantities.
pointxform - Convert a single point between coordinate systems.



September 2009