HEASARC Picture of the Week: 2014

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Title Date
The High Energy Year in Pictures High Energy Astrophysics Pictures of the Year December 29, 2014
The Earliest Jewel Chandra X-ray, Subaru and ESO/VLT optical and Herschel IR image of the Gioiello cluster December 22, 2014
XMM-Newton at 15 XMM at 15 December 15, 2014
Kicked Out? The mysterious object SDSS113 December 8, 2014
Starquake Artist conception of neutron starquake December 1, 2014
A Swift Decade The Swift Spacecraft November 24, 2014
Ghost Particle Factory? Three color X-ray image of the center of the Milky Way by Chandra November 17, 2014
Premature Aging Planet makes star seem old November 10, 2014
Keeping Things Hot Chandra observations of turbulence in the Perseus and Virgo galaxy clusters November 3, 2014
Our Creepy Sun SDO image of the Halloween Sun October 27, 2014
Superflare artistic impression of mega-flaring from DG CVn October 20, 2014
The Pulsing ULX Ultraluminous X-ray pulsar at center of M82 October 13, 2014
How Big Can a Black Hole Be? Radio, optical and X-ray image of PKS 0745 October 6, 2014
The Complete Puppis A Chandra and XMM X-ray color image of Puppis A September 29, 2014
Taking the Pulse of the Dead Radio and IR image of the region around HESS J1640 September 22, 2014
Transformer Artist impression of pulsar in transformation September 15, 2014
Down Low Chandra energy-coded X-ray image of eta Carinae September 8, 2014
Signal from Beyond RXTE observation of a medium mass black hole September 1, 2014
"New Stars" Seen in New Way Fermi Gamma-ray images of novae August 25, 2014
NuSTAR Near the Horizon NuSTAR spectrum of the black hole in Mrk 335 plus theoretical model of reflection from the inner accretion disk August 18, 2014
Inside the Bubble Diagram showing the density of helium atoms near the solar system and the pointing direction of DXL August 11, 2014
Dancing with the Bursts The GRB Suite: Bridging art and science through the story of gamma-ray bursts August 4, 2014
Chandra at 15 Sample of stunning X-ray images obtained by the Chanda X-ray Observatory July 28, 2014
NuSTAR Extended ESA's Athena Concept July 21, 2014
Metal Poor Burst? Artist rendition of a jet-driven supernova in a metal-poor blue supergiant star July 14, 2014
Binary Blackness Artist rendition of a supermassive black hole binary system July 7, 2014
Dark Matter Bump in the Night? Chandra image and spectrum of the Perseus Cluster June 30, 2014
Heated Whirlpool Million-second Chandra X-ray image, and Hubble Space Telescope image of the Whirlpool Galaxy June 23, 2014
Pulses from a Possible Pulsar Progenitor XMM X-ray lightcurve of Xi1 CMa June 16, 2014
Burning In from the Outside? Chandra X-ray and Sptizer IR image of NGC 2024 June 9, 2014
Power of Blackness X-ray and optical image of black hole located in the center of a galaxy cluster RX J1532.9+3021 June 2, 2014
Streaking Chandra+HST image of spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 May 26, 2014
"Touch the Invisible Sky" Touch the Invisible Sky May 19, 2014
Magnetic Milky Way Planck view of the magnetic field of the Milky Way May 12, 2014
La Batalla de El Gordo Chandra and Hubble image of El Gordo galaxy cluster May 5, 2014
New Supermagnet XMM Newton discovery of transient magnetar April 28, 2014
Bulldozer Multiwavelength image of SNR  G352.7-0.1 April 21, 2014
Peering into the Star Factory Spitzer and XMM-Newton image of the massive star forming complex ON2 April 14, 2014
Clouds from Both Sides Now Simulation of AGN clouds seen by RXTE April 7, 2014
GR Bonanza Composite optical/x-ray image of lensed quasar RX J1131-1231 showing gravitational lensing March 31, 2014
Dark Matter Signal? Fermi's excess signal at the Galactic Center March 24, 2014
Our Paradoxical Universe A simulated 30 degree diameter map of the CMB polarization superimposed on the CMB temperature anisotropy centered on the South Celestial Pole. The top panel shows the total polarization field due to the sum of the scalar and tensor modes, with T/S - 0.28 March 17, 2014
Abnormal Supersonic Pulsar Jet Runaway pulsar composite X-ray, radio and optical image March 3, 2014
Star Blaster Artist rendition of the black widow pulsar system PSR J1311-3430 March 3, 2014
A Sloshing Supernova? NuSTAR and Chandra view of Cas A February 24, 2014
The Anomalous Universe? Planck all sky cosmic microwave background map highlighting the spatial anomalies February 17, 2014
Deep Into Cen A Chandra 9-day look at Cen A February 10, 2014
SN2014J Swift UVOT image of SN 2014J in M82 February 3, 2014
Swift Action at the Galactic Center Swift Deep Image of the Galactic center January 27, 2014
Through a Lens Brightly Fermi Gammay-Ray Time Delay from a gravitational lens system January 20, 2014
The Swallowing? Evidence of an X-ray flare in Abell 1795 dwarf galaxy January 13, 2014
New Sources for a New Year new Swift X-ray sources January 6, 2014

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