HEASARC Picture of the Week: 2016

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Title Date
Remembrance of Things Past Highlights from the Chandra Archive December 28, 2015
Lumpy Donut Active galazy NGC 1068 and artist rendering of ita central black hole December 21, 2015
Funhouse X-ray and Optical images of the Chesire Cat group of galaxies December 14, 2015
Pointing the Path for LISA Artist's impression of ESA's LISA Pathfinder and its propulsion module after separation December 7, 2015
An X-ray Wind Shadow Optical image of the constellation of Orion, and X-ray image of Delta Ori November 30, 2015
1000 Bursts in 4000 days Swift burst number 1000 November 23, 2015
GR Pulsar Beyond the Milky Way Fermi discovery of gamma-ray pulsar beyond the Milky Way November 16, 2015
Born Again X-ray and optical image of planetary nebula Abell 78 November 9, 2015
Schizoid Phoenix Composite X-ray and optical image of the Phoenix cluster of galaxies November 2, 2015
The Prince of Tidal Disruptions Artist rendering of a star being ripped apart by a black home October 26, 2015
Astrosat First Light Astrosat First Light Image of the Crab Nebula October 19, 2015
Acting Up? X-ray image near the Milky Way's central black hole, Sgr A*, and artist interpretation of Sgr A* - G2 interaction October 12, 2015
The Launch of ASTROSAT The Launch of ASTROSAT October 5, 2015
Hot-Tempered Youth Composite X-ray, IR and optical image of star cluster NGC 1333 September 28, 2015
Berthing CALET The Berthing of CALET on the ISS September 21, 2015
The Radio Phoenix Reawakened X-ray, optical and radio image of Abell 1033 September 14, 2015
Ejected Top: Illustration of PSR B1259-63; Bottom: X-ray image of material ejected from the system September 7, 2015
Suzaku Completes its Scientific Mission Artist conception of the Suzaku Observatory August 31, 2015
The Wonderful World of Color A multicolor image of M101 that you can make yourself August 24, 2015
Little Big Hole Optical image of RGG 118; inset: X-rays from the central black hole August 17, 2015
Binary Singularities Simulation of merging black holes August 10, 2015
Brighter than a Black Hole NuSTAR high energy X-ray image of the center of the Milky Way August 3, 2015
Awaiting a High-Energy Encounter Artist representation of J2032+4127, a B-star+pulsar binary in a long period, eccentric orbit July 27, 2015
Hard X-ray Sun NuSTAR and Hinode X-ray image plus SDO UV image of the Sun July 20, 2015
Black Hole Bull's Eye Swift XRT image of X-ray light echoes around black hole X-ray binary V404 Cygni July 13, 2015
The Vermillion Bird Ten years of discovery with Suzaku July 6, 2015
Dark Matter Illuminating Black Holes Simulation of gamma-ray glow around a black hole produced by WIMP annihilation June 29, 2015
Dissecting Jupiter's Aurorae XMM-Newton X-ray line emission from Jupiter June 22, 2015
An Erupting Black Hole Deepest  X-ray image of NGC 5813 yet obtained June 15, 2015
Hot Stuff in Thor's Helmet X-ray and optical composite image of the Thor's Helmet nebula (NGC 2359) June 8, 2015
Surprising Magnetar X-ray image of the Galactic Center and close-up of magnetar and Sgr A* June 1, 2015
Time to Make the Donut? Hyperfeeding supermassive black holes in AGN detected by the Chandra X-ray Observatory May 25, 2015
Remnant of Destruction IR, optical and X-ray image of supernova remnant N49 May 18, 2015
An Asymmetric Supernova Spectral lines of Ti44 from SN 1987a detected by NuSTAR May 11, 2015
Mystery Spot Planck's mysterious cold spot May 4, 2015
A Watch Where You Wander Did a White Dwarf destroy a star? April 27, 2015
The Cosmic Web Map of large scale distribution of dark matter April 20, 2015
Single Degenerate X-ray (Suzaku and Chandra) and optical image of SNR 3C397 April 13, 2015
Super Colliders Dark and normal matter distributions in colliding galaxies April 6, 2015
A Missing Black Hole Found? X-ray, optical and radio (inset) image of possible intermediate mass black hole in NGC 2276 March 30, 2015
Beyond the Wall of Space Composite X-ray, optical and radio image of nova GK Per March 23, 2015
Rambunctious Young Sun Superflares from the young sun March 16, 2015
Ripples Multi-wavelength composite of the Cartwheel galaxy March 9, 2015
Mergers and Expositions Simulation of merging, accreting black holes March 2, 2015
UFOs Surrounding a Black Hole XMM and NuSTAR combined quasar X-ray spectrum and artist impression of a quasar wind February 23, 2015
Why Not Round? 3-color X-ray image from Chandra of G299.2-2.9 plus 2MASS IR image February 16, 2015
Dust to Dust Planck composite map of the Milky Way February 9, 2015
Good Enough to Accrete Baker's conception of a Gamma-ray nova February 2, 2015
LMC VHE H.E.S.S. detection of LMC TEV sources January 26, 2015
A Near Miss Simulation of the X-ray variability of Eta Carinae January 19, 2015
Pinpointing a Monster Optical HST image and NuSTAR hard X-ray image of Arp 299 January 12, 2015
NuSTAR Sunrise SDO and NuSTAR image of the sun January 5, 2015

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