HEASARC Picture of the Week: 2018

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Title Date
Unopened: The Year in Preview 2018: the High Energy Year in Review December 31, 2018
The Selfless Gift An X-ray and optical image of the supernova remnant E0102 December 24, 2018
The Death of Dark Matter? Gamma-ray excess near the Galactic center December 17, 2018
Impulse Power Radio, optical and X-ray composite of the galaxy cluster merger Abell 1033 December 10, 2018
Measuring the Darkness of Night Fermi LAT 9 year all-sky gamma-ray map December 3, 2018
MegaUVOT Million Image UVOT mosaic November 26, 2018
The cow that Roared Illustration of an accretion disk around a black hole and jet, similar to the aftermath of a failed supernova November 19, 2018
A Previous Kilonova? Left: X-ray emission from GRB 150101B on Jan 9, 2015; Middle: X-ray emission from GRB 150101B on Feb 10, 2015; Right: Simulated kilonova explosion November 12, 2018
The Anti-Shadow Illustration of a self-lensing binary November 5, 2018
Safe The Chandra X-ray Observatory October 29, 2018
Bounding the Gamma-Ray Sky Gamma Ray constellations defined by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope October 22, 2018
Building the Universe Group of galaxies falling toward the Abell 2142 galaxy cluster October 15, 2018
Beyond the Bubble Illustration of Voyager 2 leaving the solar system October 8, 2018
A New View of Tycho AstroSat X-ray image of the Tycho supernova remnant October 1, 2018
Dust or the Wind? Illustration of a dust disk discovered around  neutron star RX J0806.4-4123 September 24, 2018
Spinning and Circling Illustration of a ultracompact X-ray binary; inset: circular orbit determination from NICER X-ray pulse variations September 17, 2018
In the Darkness, Bind Them X-ray/optical composite of the ring galaxy AM 0644 September 10, 2018
Identified Flying Object X-ray and IR image of Geminga (upper) and illustration (lower) September 3, 2018
Shredding Illustration of the tidal disruption of a star by a black hole August 27, 2018
Catching the First Burst First X-ray afterglow of a Gamma-ray burst August 20, 2018
Avoid the Holes Chandra identification of a swarm of black holes near the Galactic Center August 13, 2018
Jet Speed X-ray and Optical image of the active galaxy NGC 383/3C31 and its X-ray Jet August 6, 2018
Extremes in the Fields July 30, 2018
The Breakup? Evolution of the X-ray spectrum of RW Aur A July 23, 2018
Ghost Rider in the Sky Illustration of multi-messenger flare from a blazar July 16, 2018
Shocking Processes from Eta Carinae July 9, 2018
Unbuckling the Van Allen Belts July 2, 2018
Remembering EXOSAT June 25, 2018
Baryons Wanted XMM view of extended galactic halo June 18, 2018
Happy Anniversary to Fermi The Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope (illustration) June 11, 2018
A Baby Black Hole? XMM-Newton Observation of GW170817 June 4, 2018
Bull's Eye Optical and X-ray image of supernova remnant E0102 in the Small Magellanic Cloud with a newly-identified isolated neutron star inside the red ring May 28, 2018
A New Slant on the First Stars Planck microwave background polarization map May 21, 2018
Cool Science Final IceCube detector being placed under the Antarctic ice May 14, 2018
The Return of the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer The  Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer May 7, 2018
Bursting out All Over Artist Rendition of a radius expansion burst on a neutron star April 30, 2018
Blowing a Hot Bubble The X-ray nebula NGC 3199 April 23, 2018
A Young Symbiot? INTEGRAL discovery of a new symbiotic binary system April 16, 2018
A Black Hole Ablaze Fermi LAT observation of a major flare from 3C279 April 9, 2018
More Room in Space The enhanced X-Ray Timing and Polarimetry (eXTP) mission April 2, 2018
A NICER View of the Whole Sky NICER slew survey March 26, 2018
Multicolor Crab Multiwavelength Crab Nebula March 19, 2018
A Rare Flare? XMM observes a flare from Rho Oph March 12, 2018
Beyond the Brightness Chandra X-ray image of M51 March 5, 2018
New View of the Hot Crescent X-ray and optical image of the Crescent Nebula February 26, 2018
Gold Metal Illustration of two neutron stars merging February 19, 2018
Winds Behaving Badly XMM observation of the eruptive massive binary HD 5980 February 12, 2018
Leaking Gravity? Illustration of gravitational waves from a neutron star binary merger February 5, 2018
The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory January 29, 2018
Finding Our Way through the Outer Dark Illustration of NICER and an X-ray pulsar January 22, 2018
Immerse Yourself in the Galactic Center Frame from a 360 degree simulation of the hot gas in the center of the Milky Way January 15, 2018
New Dark Matter Model on the Line? Chandra X-ray image of the Perseus Cluster and the central supermassive black hole January 8, 2018
The High Energy Year in Review: 2017 The High Energy Year in Review:2017 January 1, 2018

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