HEASARC Picture of the Week: 2021

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Title Date
Looking Back in Wonder The High Energy Year in Review: 2021 December 27, 2021
Star of Wander Mira streaking through the sky December 20, 2021
The Shape of Things: To Come Artist view of IXPE, launched 1am EST, December 9, 2021 December 13, 2021
The Dwarf that Roared Artist's illustration of a magnetically-active brown dwarf; inset: X-ray increase from J0331-27 seen by XMM-Newton December 6, 2021
Eating a Planet? Illustration of a planet being accreted by a white dwarf; inset: Chandra X-ray image of the white dwarf KPD 0005+5106 November 29, 2021
Reverberating Through History November 22, 2021
Reducing the Number of Black Holes The O3B catalog November 15, 2021
Saving INTEGRAL Artist illustration of a healthy INTEGRAL November 8, 2021
COSI Artist rendering of the Compton Spectrometer and Imager (COSI) November 1, 2021
The Death of the Red Mask, Redux Happy Halloween - Stay Safe October 25, 2021
Dust In and Around the Wind Chandra X-ray and Spitzer IR image of a pulsar wind nebula in blue and the dusty shell surrounding it October 18, 2021
Round and Round and Down? Optical image of the first galaxy in the eROSITA all-sky survey showing quasi-periodic eruptions with the NICER X-ray light-curve superimposed. October 11, 2021
Over African Skies HESS Galactic Plane Survey in the sky above Namibia October 4, 2021
Hearing the Invisible Universe Chandra X-ray and HST optical image of the massive star cluster W2 September 27, 2021
Mysterious Guest Star Identified? (a) WISE IR false color image of Pa 30; (b)false-color IR image with XMM-Newton X-ray contoursthe emission from the central star is highlighted in blue from the GALEX near-UV data, while the XMM-Newton contours; (c) deep KPNO optical image showing the diffuse SN shell September 20, 2021
Ten Years on Ice Happy tenth anniversary IceCube September 13, 2021
Flashing Lights - Proceed with Caution Chandra X-ray image of the stars in the Lagoon Nebula September 6, 2021
Pushing Strings Multiwavelength view of the Perseus A active galaxy August 30, 2021
Bipolar Blast in 3D 3-D model of the nova outburst of V745 Sco August 23, 2021
Collision of Clusters X-ray image of intracluster gas in the Abell 1775 cluster from Chandra August 16, 2021
Echoes Ringing in the Dark Rings of X-ray light echos from an outburst of V404 Cyg superimposed on an optical image August 9, 2021
What's Happening Behind a Black Hole? Illustration of X-ray echoes from behing a black hole August 2, 2021
Stir It Up Composite X-ray, Optical and IR image of merging galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163 July 26, 2021
Curation Treasures of High Energy Archives July 19, 2021
Crowns of Jupiter Revealed Illustration of how Jupiter's aurora is produced July 12, 2021
Looking Hard to Find Black Holes Illustration depicting a black hole inside a donut-shaped ring of gas and dust. July 5, 2021
Does the Shadow Know? INTEGRAL Hard X-ray image of the Milky Way disk, with some TeV sources marked June 28, 2021
Digging for Darkness The Wide Chandra Deep Field South, one of the XMM-SERVS fields June 21, 2021
A Loud Cry from A Baby Magnetar Artist illustration of a magnetar June 14, 2021
Threading the Center Chandra X-ray and MeerKAT radio image of a 1000 by 2000 lightyear region around the center of the Milky Way June 7, 2021
LISA & the Wiggling Universe Artist concept of LISA May 31, 2021
Introducing the Anti-Stars? Locations of suspected anti-stars May 24, 2021
Gravity's Warped Rainbows Simulation of spaceime-bending effects when two black holes orbit each other May 17, 2021
Neutron Stars: Squishy or Stiff? Plot showing NICER constraints on the mass-radius relation for neutron stars May 10, 2021
Fountains of Titanium Chandra and NuSTAR X-ray image of the Cas A supernova remnant, showing the spatial distribution of different chemical elements May 3, 2021
Giant Crab Pulse Chandra X-ray (blue and white), Hubble optical (purple), and Spitzer IR (pink) image of the Crab Nebula and NICER (inset)  with an ISS solar panel in the background April 26, 2021
Scaling M87 multiwavelength, multi-spatial view of the black hole in M87 and its jet April 19, 2021
Uranus X-rayed USPS Stamps highlighting solar images from SDO April 12, 2021
Dunkin' Visualization of the structure of the magnetic field in the region around the M87 based on EHT polarization measurements, compared to more common objects April 5, 2021
Reflecting on X-rays from Jupiter USPS Stamps highlighting solar images from SDO March 29, 2021
Strange Blast Near the Galactic Center Chandra X-ray and radio composite of SgrA-East March 22, 2021
Even Holier Than Thou Illustration of accretion in Cyg X-1 March 15, 2021
Big Big Blast eROSITA X-ray and CHIPASS and SPASS radio survey image of the Hoinga supernova remnant March 8, 2021
A 34-Year-Old Neutron Star Illustration of accretion onto a magnetic CV March 1, 2021
Anticipating Athena ESA's Athena Concept and a simulated Athena mosaic of M31 February 22, 2021
Come Together X-ray and optical images of merging galaxies February 15, 2021
The Cause of Cosmic Depression Swift, GMRT and optical image of the nearby cluster of galaxies CL 2015 February 8, 2021
Taking a Hard Look at a Pulsar's Wind NuSTAR high-energy observation of the pulsar wind nebula G11.2-0.3 February 1, 2021
Wholly Missing Composite X-ray/optical/IR image of Abell 2261 January 25, 2021
Connecting the Bubbles Gamma-ray (red) and X-ray (blue) image of the Milky Way January 18, 2021
A Literal Nova False color XMM X-ray image of J005311, the result of a merger of two white dwarfs star January 11, 2021
Can the Center Hold? High resolution composite radio and X-ray image of the Galactic Center January 4, 2021

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