HEASARC Picture of the Week: 2017

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Title Date
Choosing LISA Artist concept of LISA June 26, 2017
The Long March to Space China's Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope June 19, 2017
Gains and Losses Chandra X-ray and optical composite image of the R Aquarii symbiotic binary system June 12, 2017
Capture the Dragon Capture of the SpaceX Dragon capsule containing NICER June 5, 2017
Billows in Perseus Enhanced image of X-ray emission in the Perseus cluster May 29, 2017
Seen in Passing Map of XMM-Newton slew survey sources in galactic coordinates May 22, 2017
Growing Your Own Black Hole Comparison of black holes in isolated AGN (left) and an AGN in a galactic merger (right) May 15, 2017
Another Form of Dark Matter? Chandra (purple) and optical observations tracing normal and dark matter distributions in galaxy clusters May 8, 2017
Finding Pulsars at Home title-ray pulsars found in Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope data by Einstein@home May 1, 2017
Scientists Working Together March of Progress: X-ray, radio and optical images of Centaurus galaxy cluster April 24, 2017
A Big Hole in a Small Galaxy Discovery Channel Telescope of galaxy merger Was 49 April 17, 2017
The Origin of UFOs? XMM Newton X-ray spectrum of AGN showing dependence of fast outflow on X-ray brightness April 10, 2017
Mysterious Flash in the Deep Field Chandra Deep Field South and the mysterious source XT1 (inset) April 3, 2017
Connecting the Dots NuSTAR observation of a high energy accreting neutron star system in the Andromeda Galaxy March 27, 2017
Black and White Artist illustraion of the X9 system in 47 Tuc; inset: Chandra X-ray image of globular cluster 47 Tuc and X-ray binary X9 March 20, 2017
Ultraluminous Pulsar Galaxy NGC 5907 and ultra-luminous X-ray pulsar March 13, 2017
Commemorating SN 1987a Composite image of SN 1987a at 30 March 6, 2017
Annihilating WIMPS in M31? Fermi Gamma-ray image of the Andromeda Galaxy superimposed on an optical image.  The Gamma-rays are concentrated near the center of the galaxy. February 27, 2017
Polarized Science Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer February 20, 2017
Light from Dark Matter? Mysterious feature seen in X-ray spectrum may arise from dark matter annihilation February 13, 2017
Giant Black Holes in a Baby Universe Five Extreme Fermi Gamma-ray Blazars February 6, 2017
Spinning in the Wind Chandra observations of pulsar wind nebulae and illustrations showing the derived wind geometry January 30, 2017
Monsters Under the Bed NuSTAR detection of supermassie black hole in NGC 1448 January 23, 2017
Crash on the Cosmic Superhighway X-ray, optical and radio composite of the collision of 2 galaxy clusters January 16, 2017
The Next Red Nova? Illustration of a contact binary merger; period change of KIC 9832227 (inset) January 9, 2017
The High Energy Year in Review: 2016 The HEAPOW Year in Pictures, 2015 January 2, 2017

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