HEASARC Picture of the Week: 2019

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Title Date
In Life-Giving Color Chandra X-ray full color image of the Tycho supernova remnant November 18, 2019
The Sudden ULX NuSTAR view of ultra-luminous X-ray sources in the Fireworks galaxy November 11, 2019
Building a Better Black Hole Optical and X-ray images of SDSS J084905.51+111447.2 November 4, 2019
Magnificent Seven eROSITA first light with all 7 telescopes.  Left: X-ray image of the LMC; Right: Interacting galaxies October 28, 2019
TeraVolt SNR H.E.S.S. image of SNR RX J1713.7-3946 October 21, 2019
Swords of Orion Right: Chandra HETGS image of the Trapezium; Left: Infrared image of the Trapezium October 14, 2019
Looking Forward to eROSITA eROSITA first X-ray science image with TM6 October 7, 2019
ChandraXX: A Ground-breaking Mirror in Space Coating the HRMA mirrors at Optical Coating Laboratories, Inc. in preparation for the Chandra mission September 30, 2019
Chandra XX: Things that go Bump in the X-ray Night Chandra Deep Field South and the mysterious source XT1 (inset) September 23, 2019
What a Difference 20 Years Makes Chandra Images of Cas A over 20 years in the making September 16, 2019
ChandraXX: Jet Takeoff Chandra image of the inner jet in the active galaxy 3c273 September 9, 2019
ChandraXX: Hunting Pulsars in Globular Clusters Chandra image of 47 Tuc W, a double star system consisting of a normal star and a neutron star September 2, 2019
ChandraXX: Whirlpool Bath Million-second Chandra X-ray image, and Hubble Space Telescope image of the Whirlpool Galaxy August 26, 2019
ChandraXX: Resolving Physics in Perseus Enhanced image of X-ray emission in the Perseus cluster August 19, 2019
Seven First Lights of ART-XC ART-XC first light image Cen X-3 August 12, 2019
Chandra XX: Reach for the Sky August 6, 2019
Chandra XX Chandra HETG X-ray image of Eta Carinae July 29, 2019
Good Night, Moon ROSAT X-ray image of the Moon July 22, 2019
The Launch of SRG The launch of Spektr-RG, 14:31 on 13 July 2019 July 15, 2019
More Gold from the Third Run? Sky Map of the estimated location of the neutron star merger S190425z July 8, 2019
Inexorable Chandra X-ray image of two galaxy clusters about to collide July 1, 2019
Atoms in Solitude X-ray and optical image of the Coma cluster June 24, 2019
The Body of the Universe, Size XXL 365 clusters in the XXL Survey of clusters of galaxies June 17, 2019
Expelled Illustration of a coronal mass ejection from the star HR 9024 June 10, 2019
Finding Your Way with X-rays Early use of pulsar navigation on the Voyager Golden Record June 3, 2019
Seeing with Water The HAWC Observatory May 27, 2019
Twirling in the Stellar Graveyard Masses in the Stellar Graveyard May 20, 2019
Falling into the Whirlpool NuSTAR hard X-ray image of the Whirlpool galaxy and M51b compared to the optical May 13, 2019
A New Take on Mergers Chandra discovers an X-ray neutron star merger May 6, 2019
Tempest in a Teacup X-ray, optical and radio image of the Teacup galaxy April 29, 2019
The Hard Way to View the Universe Illustration of Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma, showing the eROSITA and the ART-XC instruments April 22, 2019
Picturing Darkness Chandra image of X-rays frmo M87, and the image of the shadow of M87's central supermassie black hole April 15, 2019
Blowing Bubbles XMM-Newton discovers hot flows through a Galactic chimney April 8, 2019
Astronomers Discover Giant Glowing Octopus XMM-Newton false color image of the Carina Nebula, which looks like an octopus in a certain light April 1, 2019
Being Virtually There Galactic Center X-ray Simulation March 25, 2019
The Mouse that Roared Superflare from EV Lac March 18, 2019
The CNB The energy content of the Universe, then and now March 11, 2019
Once Lost, Now Found? Absorption signature of the warm hot interstellar medium March 4, 2019
Is a Star Born? An X-ray image of the Carina Nebula by the Chandra X-ray Observatory February 25, 2019
Effects of Gamma-Rays on the
Man-in-the-Moon (and Sun) Marigolds
Fermi LAT images of Gamma-rays from the Sun and moon February 18, 2019
Ricochet Ricochet of an X-ray Jet in Cyg A February 11, 2019
The Shape of Wind Illustration of a high mass binary system and the clumpy wind from the non-compact companion star February 4, 2019
Back to Work Multiwavelength study of a cosmic fountain in the galaxy cluster Abell 2597 January 28, 2019
Total Disruption Illustration of tidal disruption event ASASSN-14li January 21, 2019
Echoes in the Darkness Illustration of an accreting black hole in a stellar binary system January 14, 2019
The Growing Darkness Chandra Legacy COSMOS Survey January 7, 2019

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