Release Notes Version 4.4
Part of HEAsoft 6.1 - July 2006

* Changes in version 4.4
  • Added Intel Mac and 64-bit Linux support
  • Improved text rendering in PostScript output
  • Grid command output more closely matches pre-4.2 appearance (e.g. no abbrevation of grid line labels)
  • Parameter file (ximage.par) replaces functionality of ~/defaults.def file
  • Changed rotated region convention to match that of ds9
  • Improved ra_dec_to_pixel command to accept all common RA/Dec formats
  • Suzaku PSF approximation added

* New options
  • grid
    • abbrev - Abbreviate grid line labels
    • csize - Set character size of grid line labels
  • coord
    • equinox - Specify equinox of input sky coordinates

* Previous releases
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