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The Desktop Manager is a window created at the top left of the screen that lets you manage all the fv windows on your desktop. All the "File Summary", "Header display", "Table display", "Image table display", and "Vector table display" windows of all the FITS files which are currently opened can be hidden/activated from the list under each category. Also, you have direct access to the "File Dialog", "Clipboard", and "Help" windows.

Closing the Desktop Manager's window will cause fv to exit. You will be given the opportunity to save any modified files, or cancel. The desk top manager window can optionally be hidden/turned off from the Preferences window.

Note: The Desktop Manager is not implemented for MacOS. All its features are available from the menubar. In particular, the window management items reside in the Mac-only Windows menu.

The commands in the Desktop Manager are:

  • New File: Allows the creation of a new FITS file.
  • Open File: Bring up the file selection dialog.
  • SkyView: Retrieve images of sky at all wavelengths (from Radio to Gamma-Ray) from the NASA SkyView server.
  • Catalog: Retrieve a list of objects in a region of sky from selected catalogs at the NASA SkyView server.
  • VizieR: Retrieve tables from the Strasbourg VizieR or mirror servers.
  • Run Ftool: Run a Ftool program if the HEASOFT or FTOOL packages are installed.
  • Connect to Hera: Run Hera module.
  • Display Device: Select default display device (currently available choices are DS9 and POW).
  • Hide All Windows: When activated, all fv windows will be hidden. To get them back, go through each category ("File Summary", "Header" ... ).
  • File Summary: Lists the summary windows of all the files which are currently opened. Selecting the menu item will hide/activate the indicated summary window.
  • Header: List of all the opened header windows.
  • Table: List of all the opened table windows.
  • Image Table: List of all the opened image table windows.
  • Vector Table: List of all the opened vector table windows.
  • Preference: Open Preference Edit window.
  • Clipboard: Brings up the clipboard window, which shows the information on its contents.
    • Type: table - block of data from a table; keyword - a single keyword record; HDUs - HDUs from a FITS file
    • info: the number of elements in the content or keyword name.
    • Source: file name of the file the content is from.
  • Help: Bring up this help file.
  • Quit: Will quit fv.

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