Stephan Fantasia

Employer: Raytheon ITSS
Job Description: Principal Programmer/Analyst (Webmaster)
Phone: (301) 286-4944

Steve Fantasia received his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Alabama in 1987. After that, he worked for Rockwell International Space Tranportation Systems Division in Downey, CA in the Space Shuttle Ascent Performance Group. After tiring of the monotonous, if pleasant, Southern California climate, Steve moved back to the east coast where he worked for CSC developing Attitude Ground Support System software in 1990 and 1991. He then attended graduate school at the University of Maryland, receiving a M.S. in Astronomy in 1993.

After receiving his master's, Steve joined the staff at the HEASARC. Initially, he helped analyze X-ray data from the ROSAT mission, looking for and analyzing variable sources in the WGA catalog.

Currently, Steve is the webmaster for the HEASARC sites. This involves website server administration and web development. The two web-based projects that he is most closely involved with are the Remote Proposal System (RPS) and WebSpec. Steve also helps with some of the web development activities related to the lab's education and outreach sites Imagine the Universe and Star Child.

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