Dr. Lynne Valencic

Employer: Johns Hopkins University
Job Description: Astrophysicist
Phone: (301) 286-1041
e-mail: Lynne.A.Valencic @ nasa.gov

Lynne received her BS in astronomy from Case Western Reserve University in 1997, then attended Louisiana State University for her MS in physics (2000) and PhD in physics (2003). She then worked for two years at UNAM-Ensenada studying dust in proto-planetary nebulae and building a database of diffuse interstellar band measurements. She came to NASA's GSFC in 2006 as a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, where she conducted multiwavelength studies of interstellar dust and their importance to dust grain models. While she primarily studies interstellar dust, she is also interested in cataclysmic variables.

Curriculum Vitae

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