The HEASARC Users' Group and the LAMBDA Advisory Group

The HEASARC Users' Group (HUG) has as its prime directive to "evaluate and monitor the performance of the HEASARC."

Other terms of reference and organization are as follows:

  • Solicit input on the operation of the HEASARC from the astronomical community.
  • Recommend guidelines for community access to the HEASARC.
  • Provide help and information to the HEASARC on a wide range of disciplines relevant to its activities.
  • Encourage interaction and coordination with other mission facilities and data archives, both within and outside NASA.
  • Review an annual report on the HEASARC activities and progress.

The HUG provides feedback to the HEASARC Director, as well as to NASA Headquarters.

The current members of the HUG are

      * Greg Madejski, Chair, (SLAC)
      * Sarah Gallagher (U Western Ontario)
      * Tesla Jeltema (UC Santa Cruz)
      * Paul Ray (NRL)
      * Colleen Wilson-Hodge (NASA/MSFC)

Within the HEASARC, LAMBDA has its own separate Advisory Group focusing on issues of primary relevance to the CMB community.

The current membership of the LAMBDA Advisory Group includes

      * Brian Keating (UC San Diego)
      * Ted Bunn (U Richmond)
      * David Chuss (Villanova U)
      * Joanna Dunkley (Oxford U)
      * Gary Hinshaw (U British Columbia)

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