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 Number 3						   May 1993

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On the cover J.P. Hughes and K.P. Singh (1992, BAAS, 23, 918) have investigated the supernova remnant G292.0+1.8 (= MSH11-54) using Einstein IPC and SSS and EXOSAT ME data, extracted from the HEASARC. They fit a nonequilibrium ionization (NEI) model and derive elemental abundances which agree to an unprecedented level with predictions from a 25 solar mass progenitor (Thielemann, F. K., Nomoto, K., Shigeyama, T., Tsujimoto, T., & Hashimoto, M. 1991, in Elements and the Cosmos, ed. R. Terlevich [Cambridge Univ. Press], in press.) In fact the difference between the derived abundances and the model ones for O, Ne, Mg, SI, S, and Ar agree to 4% (for the RMS fractional difference) and no single element varies from the model by more than 15%.

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