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ADF	    Astrophysics Data Facility
ADS	    Astrophysics Data System
Astro-D	    Fourth Japanese X-ray Satellite (before launch)
ASCA	    Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics (formerly Astro-D)
AXAF	    Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility
BBXRT	    Broad Band X-Ray Telescope
CGRO	    Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (or Compton Observatory)
CMA	    Channel Multiplier Array (EXOSAT)
COSSC	    Compton Observatory Science Support Center
EUVE	    Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer
EXOSAT	    European X-ray Observatory Satellite
FITS	    Flexible Image Transport System
GIS	    Gas Imaging Spectrometer
GOF	    Guest Observer Facility
GRASP	    Generic Retrieval/Archive Services Protocol
HEAO	    High Energy Astrophysics Observatory
HEASARC	    High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center
HRI	    High-Resolution Imager
HUG	    HEASARC Users Group
IDL	    Interactive Data Language
IRAF	    NOAO's Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
IUE	    International Ultraviolet Explorer
LE	    Low Energy (EXOSAT)
LHEA	    Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics
ME	    Medium Energy (EXOSAT)
MPC	    Monitor Proportional Counter
NSSDC	    National Space Science Data Center
OGIP	    Office for Guest Investigator Programs
OSO	    Orbiting Solar Observatory
PIMMS	    Portable Interactive Multi-Mission Software
PSPC	    Position-Sensitive Proportional Counter
ROSAT	    Röntgensatellit
SIS	    Solid-state Imaging Spectrometer
SSS	    Solid State Spectrometer
XANADU	    Analysis system containing XSPEC, XRONOS, XIMAGE and QDP
XTE	    X-ray Timing Explorer

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