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The HEASARC Users Group

The HEASARC Users Group (HUG) has as its prime directive to "evaluate and monitor the performance of the HEASARC". The HUG meets every 6 months and reports to the Chief of the NASA Astrophysics Science Operations Branch, Guenter Riegler. While the committee has been chosen to represent a range of users, institutions and viewpoints, it cannot be complete. The HUG strongly hopes that people in the community will contact the members with comments, suggestions and criticisms. The names and e-mail addresses of all members are listed below.

Thomas R. Ayres
(S) hyades::ayres

Jill Bechtold

Martin Elvis

Michael R. Garcia

Duane E. Gruber
(S) cass01::gruber

David J. Helfand
(B) djht@cuphyd

Kevin Hurley

Knox S. Long
(S) scivax::long

Carol J. Lonsdale

John A. Nousek

Richard E. Rothschild
(S) cass01::rothschild

Allyn F. Tennant
(S) ssl::tennant

James R. Webb

Nicholas E. White
(S) heasrc::white

Andrew W. Wilson

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