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Every issue of Legacy highlights articles published elsewhere that are of particular interest to archival research in the high energy domain. This issue reviews an article by Bradt, Ohashi and Pounds which will appear in Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 30, September 1992.

X-ray astronomy from orbiting spacecraft is a relatively young activity with very few flight opportunities. There have been 25 X-ray missions launched over the past 25 yrs. Some, like Uhuru, are household names to astrophysicists while others are less well-known. Virtually every mission has contributed a new facet to the understanding of the X-ray sky. Bradt, Ohashi and Pounds (1992) have written an excellent review that summarizes the various X-ray missions that have been launched and their principle accomplishments. They also list the future missions that are expected to be launched over the coming decade.

All of these data sets are potentially of interest to HEASARC users. The HEASARC staff is currently looking into the status of each dataset and will work with the HEASARC users group to decide which datasets should be recovered. We reproduce here a summary of all the X-ray missions listed by Bradt, Ohashi and Pounds (Table 1), along with the references that describe each mission (Table 2). The users group or the HEASARC staff would be interested to hear about any of these datasets, especially those from the less well-known missions, which might have some feature of particular interest.

Table 1. Missions with Celestial X-ray Astronomy Instrumentsa

Mission Dates X-ray Instruments Featuresb Sciene (Spin/Point) (sample) OSO-3 1967-1968 H S Diffuse bkgnd. OSO-5 1969-1972 H S Diffuse bkgnd. Velaseries 1969-1979 M 4 satellites X-ray bursts Uhuru 1970-1973 M S, survey Binaries, clusters OSO-7 1971-1973 M, H S, survey 4-color catalog Copernicus(OAO-3) 1972-1981 M, C P, primarily UV SNR mapping ANS 1974-1976 L, M, C, B P X-ray burst Salyut-4 1974-1975 L, M P Cyg X-1, Her X-1 Ariel-5 1974-1980 M, B, Pol, SM, MC S, survey AGN, transients Apollo-Soyuz 1975 L, P SMC X-1 pulsing SAS-3 1975-1979 L, M, MC, C S, P Bursts, positions OSO-8 1975-1978 L, M, H, B, Pol S, low bkgnd. Fe line emission HEAO-1 1977-1979 L, M, H, MC S, P, Large area All-sky catalog Einstein 1978-1981 F, IPC, HRI, P, X-ray imaging Clusters, QSO's, B, SS, M, TG SNR Ariel-6 1979-1981 L, M, C Pri. Cosmic ray GX 1+4 Hakucho 1979-1984 L, M, MC, SM S Bursts Astron 1983-1988 M P Her X-1 low state Tenma 1983-1984 L, M, G, C, SM, MC S, Good spectral resol. Fe lines EXOSAT 1983-1986 L, M, G, F, TG P, 4-day orbit QPO's Ginga 1987-1991 M, SM P, Large area SN1987A, AGN Kvant/Mir 1987- M, H, CM, G Space Sta. MIR SN1987A Granat 1989 M, H, CM P, 4-day orbit Gal. Ctr. imaging ROSAT 1990- F, IPC, HRI P Soft survey Astro 1 (BBXRT) 1990 CF, SS P, 8-d mission Spectra cAstro-D 1993 CF, CCD, G P Spectros., Imaging cSpectrum-X 1994 F, CM, SM, Pol, P, 4-day orbit Spectros., Imaging SS, IPC, CCD c SAX 1994 CF, G(L,M), H, CM P, Equatorial orbit Spectra, Timing c XTE 1996 M, H, SM P, Rapid resp. to Timing, Spectra transients cAXAF 1998 F, TG, HRI, B, P, 0.5" ang. Imaging, Spectros. Cal, CCD resol. c XMM 1998 F, RG, CCD, P 24-h orbit, Imaging, Spectros. Opt/UV High throughput, Resol. 15"

a See Table 2 for references
b Low-earth orbits (period ~ 95 min) unless otherwise indicated
c Planned missions: Capabilities and dates may be uncertain

B:    Bragg Crystal Spectroscopy
Cal:  Microcalorimeter
C:    Collector (reflecting)
CF:   Conical approx. focusing
CM:   Coded-Mask imaging
F:    Focusing optics
G:    Gas Scintillation Prop. Ctr.
H:    High Energy (10-200 keV) crystal scintillator
HRI:  High resol. ImagerIPC: Imaging Prop. Ctr.
L:    Low energy (0.1 - 1 keV) prop ctr.
M:    Medium energy (1 - 20 keV) prop ctr.
MC:   Modulation Collimator
Pol:  Polarimetry
RG:   Reflection grating
SM:   Sky Monitor
SS:   Solid-state spectrometer
TG:   Transmission Gratings

P:    Pointed (= 3-axis stabilized)
S:    Spinners (instr. FOV may lie along spin axis)
Table 2: References for mission/instrument descriptions

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