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OGIP's Automated Mailing List Handler

Bruce O'Neel


The HEASARC has installed Listserv, an automated mail list handler. This server allows more efficient management of the various OGIP mail exploders used by ROSAT, ASCA, CGRO and HEASARC. Several lists using this system are now in place and are described below.

For each mailing list there are two associated internet addresses. One address is used for administrative details such as subscribing, unsubscribing, getting information about the list, getting help, etc. The other address is used for sending messages to the list. All lists are maintained on the machine The administrative address is the same for every list and is The second address is specific for each list and is given in Table 1.

Here is an example of how to subscibe to and use a mailing list:

Assume a user has an internet address of and wishes to send and receive mail from the list "example". First the user must subscribe to the list, which is done as follows:

  • send mail to
  • the subject line can be blank (it is ignored)
  • the body of the message must be the following line:

subscribe example full_name

(NOTE: full_name is the user's name, not the e-mail address)

After subscribing, to send messages to the list, e-mail

This user will then receive mail from the list at

To unsubscribe from the "example" list the user sends mail to with the one line body of the message being

unsubscribe example

There are a number of other commands recognized by listserv and information on these can be obtained by sending mail to with the body of the message being


If you have questions about listserv or any of the lists, please contact

Bruce O'Neel

Table 1. OGIP mailing lists
list address name (non-administrative) purpose access ascanews announcements of ASCA news R heafits discussion of issues related to O FITS format files used for high energy astrophysics data rosnews announcements of ROSAT news R grorpt CGRO weekly reports R An access value of R means that there are restrictions on posting to the list. An access value of O means there are no posting restrictions. There are no restrictions on receiving mail from the list.

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