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COlor [#] ON|OFf [glist]
The first (optional) number allows you to reset the default color index for the plot groups specified in [glist]. If this number is omitted, then the default color index is not changed. COlor OFf turns off the plotting of all plot groups specified; COlor ON turns the plotting back on. If [glist] is omitted then all plot groups are affected.

COlor MOdel #
Plot the model using color index #.

Color # ON Grid
Use the color index specified by # when plotting the Grid in the currently active window.

COlor ?
Generate a list of possible color indices and their default color representations.


PLT> COlor OFf 1,2,3  ! Suppress plotting of groups 1, 2, and 3
PLT> COlor ON  2      ! Turn on plotting of group 2
PLT> COlor 5 ON 3     ! Use color 5 when plotting group 3

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