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GAp #
Control the size of the gap between the edge of the plot and the data extrema, when using the default scale. The effect of the GAp command can only be seen when you reset the default scale with R, R X, or R Y (all with no arguments). The default gap is 0.025 which will leave a 2.5 percent margin around the edge. The size of the gap in world coordinates, depends on whether the data are being plotted on a logarithmic scale. Therefore, if you wish to use a default scale with a logarithmic scale, you should first issue the LOg and GAp commands and then use the Rescale command to reset the default scale.


PLT> GAp 0.0        ! No gap
PLT> R X            ! Use default X scale
PLT> GAp 0.05       ! Reset gap, for use with Y scale
PLT> LOg Y          ! Log the Y scale
PLT> R Y            ! Use default Y scale

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