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LOCation # [# [# [#]]]
The LOCation command allows you to control the location of the currently active window. The default location of all windows is 0. 0. 1. 1. which means that all windows overlap and use the entire plotting surface. This command in combination with the WIndow command allows great control over where the windows are plotted. Thus a small window could be plotted inside a larger one. However, no attempt is made to erase a plotting region, so overlapping windows could result in overlapping text.

Example: To create 4 windows in the 4 quadrants, use:

PLT> WIndow 1
PLT> LOCation 0 .5 .5 1.
PLT> WIndow 2
PLT> LOCation .5 .5 1. 1.
PLT> WIndow 3
PLT> LOCation 0. 0. .5 .5
PLT> WIndow 4
PLT> LOCation .5 0. 1. .5

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