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MArker [#] ON [glist]
Turn on the plotting of polymarkers. The first (optional) number is the marker type; if omitted the default marker type will not be changed. If [glist] is omitted, then markers will be used to plot all plot groups.

MArker Size # ON [glist]
Changes the size of the markers when plotting the plot groups specified in [glist]. The size can range from 0.0 to 5.0, where 1.0 is the default. Thus every plot group can have a different marker size.

MArker OFf [glist]
Turn off the plotting of markers for all plot groups specified. If [glist] is omitted, then markers will be removed from all groups.

MArker ?
Draw a table of all the PGPLOT markers on your current graphics device.


PLT> MArk 19 ON 2     ! Use marker 19 when plotting group 2
PLT> MArk OFF 2       ! No longer plot group 2 with a marker
PLT> MArk ON 2        ! Use default marker when plotting group 2
PLT> MArk ON          ! Use markers when plotting all plot groups
PLT> MArk Size 5      ! Plot markers 5 times larger than default size

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