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Viewport  #,[#,[#,#]]
Control location of the viewport in normalized device coordinates, where (0.0,0.0) is the bottom left corner and (1.0,1.0) the top right corner. The default viewport is 0.1 0.1 0.9 0.9, with the first two numbers giving the location of the bottom left corner and the next two numbers, the upper right corner. If you use Viewport with and only specify two numbers then PLT centers the viewport about the center of the plot, thus View x,y is the same as View x,y,1.0-x,1.0-y. If you do not wish to center the viewport, then you can specify all four numbers, where the last two numbers refer to the top right corner.


PLT> View .4 .4        ! Viewport extends from (.4,.4) to (.6,.6)
PLT> View .8 .8 .9 .9  ! Use small viewport in top right corner
PLT> View .1 .1        ! Go back to the default viewport

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