Version Control

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Version Control

New features are constantly being added to PLT, and so it is important track of these changes. There are three places where changes are noted. First, the PLT VErsion command can be used to identify the date of the most recent change to version of PLT linked into the program you are using. If certain commands do not appear to work then you should check this number. Often you will find that the program has not been linked for a while and as a result the command that you are trying to use was added after the last link.

The second place version numbers are recorded is in the on-line help file. The HElp VErsion command will list all recently added new features and when they were made. A serious attempt is made to ensure that on-line help is updated as the software is modified. For best results on your system, you should also update the on-line help every time you update PLT itself. However, there is no requirement for these two version numbers to match. Thus, when you install a new version of PLT it is not necessary to immediately relink all software that uses it.

Finally the printed manual is updated about once a year. Therefore, the printed manual can be slightly out of date.

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