DTS: System Recommendations

    * Linux platform

    • Any Unix machine should work, however, the DTS has been most thoroughly tested on Linux machines.

    * Memory - 256 MB

    • For a heavily loaded DTS, 128MB will be strained. Performance should be significantly better with higher memory settings.

    * OpenSSH

    • Any SSH2 implementation that includes SFTP should work, but OpenSSH has been the most thoroughly tested with DTS. The recommended setup uses SFTP with SSH keys without a passphrase, but passphrases are supported. SFTP with password access is also supported, but not recommended.

    * Perl 5.16

    • This is the version that has been most thoroughly and recently tested. At a bare minimum, 5.005_03 is required. Version 5.8 and higher contains many of the required Perl modules.

    * Perl modules

    • Env
    • File (comes with Perl 5.8)
    • Time::Hires (comes with Perl 5.8)
    • MailTools
    • IO (comes with Perl 5.6)
    • MD5 and Digest::MD5
    • Expect (at least 1.12)
    • Net::SFTP::Foreign (unless using FTP with OTP)
    • Net::FTP (unless using SFTP)

    Note: The use of FTP with OTP is supported, but discouraged. Net::FTP is not needed for SFTP setups.