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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #315: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #192


             XMM-NEWTON NEWS #192    ---    17-Jan-2017


            XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
             ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
            Villanueva de la Canada,  Madrid, Spain


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- Version 16.0 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released

- Data Analysis Threads for SAS v16.0.

Version 16.0 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released

The XMM-Newton  SAS team  is pleased  to announce the  release of  a new
version of the SAS: SAS v16.0.

Binaries for  diverse flavours of Linux  and Mac OS X  (in 64-bit native
versions) are available at


The main improvements of this release can be summarised as follows:

- SAS v16.0 has been compiled with the GNU C/C++ compiler collection GCC
 6.2.0, including gfortran 6.2, used  for compilation of the SAS fortran
 code instead of the NAG fortran compiler.

- The new task "evqpb" creates for any EPIC Full Frame exposure an event
 list with  the associated quiescent particle  background extracted from
 the Filter Wheel Closed data.  This instrumental background can be used
 to correct spectra or images.

- The  new metatask  "edetect_stack" performs  standardized  EPIC source
 detection on overlapping fields  of different observations. It is still
 in experimental stage, but it is  expected to be the basis for a future
 catalogue of stacked observations.

- The new  task "implotregions"  produces EPIC thumbnail  images showing
 selected source and background extraction regions.

- The   new   task   "rgsimageforbadpixfind"   is   ancillary   to   the
 implementation of an  alternative for RGS hot column  finding using the
 MOS task  "embadpixfind".  This method  is recommended in case  of very
 bright emission lines whose profile might be distorted due to the false
 detection of a hot column.

- The task "epxrlcorr", that  performs corrections related to EPIC X-ray
 loading, has been upgraded to provide optionally diagnostic images that
 can be used to decide if an observation is affected by X-ray loading.

- The task "ebkgreg", that determines  the most suitable position of the
 region for  background correction of a  source in an  EPIC image, works
 now also with MOS data.

- The  task "rgsrmfgen"  offers an  optional effective  area correction,
 aiming to  improve the cross  calibration between RGS1 and  RGS2, first
 and second order.

- The  Slew Data  reduction  metatask "eslewchain"  includes now  source

This version of SAS is released  in two 64-bit binary versions for Linux
(RHEL  6.8 and  Ubuntu  16),  and two  for  Mac OS  X  (Yosemite and  El
Capitan).  The  versions released have  been tested to run  correctly on
several  other  platforms.    Libraries  are  provided  where  necessary
together with the distribution.

As already announced, no 32-bit binary versions are released anymore.

Data Analysis Threads for SAS v16.0

SAS analysis threads have been revised to ensure compatibility with the
recently released SAS v16.0. They are available at


Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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