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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #353: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #219

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  • Subject: GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #353: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #219
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 11:46:29 -0400
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   News #219, 14 March 2019


   Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the XMM-Newton launch

   Users' Group meeting #20: Invitation from the UG chair

   XSAv11.0 release including the new ESA Cosmos login authentication system

   Update on the impact on the Optical Monitor of observations of Jupiter in
   revolution 3224

   FLIX upper-limit server updated


Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the XMM-Newton launch

   The XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre of the European Space Agency is
   happy to announce a series of initiatives to celebrate the upcoming 20th
   launch anniversary of XMM-Newton on 10 December 2019.

   You can find the latest news on the webpage

   We will continuously update the webpage with information, events and
   online material. Stay tuned!

Users' Group meeting #20: Invitation from the UG chair

   The XMM-Newton Users' Group (UG) will be holding its yearly meeting this
   coming May 7th and 8th, at ESAC.

   As is usual the UG welcomes all comments and suggestions on any relevant
   aspect of XMM-Newton operations and future direction. You may send these
   either directly to me, or if you prefer to any member of the UG.

   Rudy Wijnands, UG-Chair

   The agenda for UG meeting #20 and contact information of the UG chair and
   all the other UG members are available at


XSAv11.0 release including the new ESA Cosmos login authentication system

   A new version of the XMM-Newton Science Archive (XSA v11.0) is available

   Since this release, on 14 March 2019, logging into the XMM-Newton Science
   Archive (XSA) is only possible using an ESA Cosmos account. For security
   reasons, the ESA Cosmos authentication system is being used for accessing
   data of all ESA archives.

   ESA Cosmos accounts have been created for those PIs that did not have one
   previously, and that have current or pending proprietary observations.
   They should have already received an email with the access details.

   Any other scientist without an existing ESA Cosmos account can register at


   If you already have an ESA Cosmos account but have forgotten your username
   and/or password please click here

   Should you find any issue, do not hesitate to contact the XMM-Newton

Update on the impact on the Optical Monitor of observations of Jupiter in
revolution 3224

   In XMM-Newton News #200 it was reported that in revolution 3224, two
   accidental V-band exposures of Jupiter were made with the Optical Monitor
   (OM) which led to some damage to the instrument and reduced sensitivity -
   the so-called Jupiter depletion patch (JDP). We provide a brief update
   here on the impact.

   Following the event, the affected region was characterised and
   incorporated into the OM bad-pixel map calibration data, described in
   XMM-CCF-REL-353, so that sources positioned within the JDP are flagged, by
   SAS software, as having quality issues.

   Since the revolution 3224 event, routine OM monitoring observations of the
   White Dwarf standard stars (BPM16274 [V=14.2], GD153 [V=13.35] and HZ2
   [V=13.88]), observed at the EPIC-pn prime boresight that is typically used
   for pointed XMM-Newton observations, have been conducted. These show a
   small but significant decline in count rate after the Jupiter observation
   compared to those before. Analysis is ongoing but decreases of ~5%
   (V,B,U), 3% (UVW1), 2%(UVM2) and 1.5% (UVW2) are seen in the BPM16274
   data, which has been most observed since the event. Since the EPIC-pn
   prime position lies just outside the currently defined JDP region in the
   bad-pixel map, targets observed in this position since the event will not
   be flagged by SAS but will be subject to the abovementioned decrease in

   The sensitivity change within the patch will continue to be monitored to
   better quantify the decrease, any time-dependence in it, the spatial
   extent of the patch and the filter dependence. Ultimately, the intent is
   to provide the means, via the SAS and calibration data, to correct at
   least target locations for the sensitivity decrease.

FLIX upper-limit server updated

   An upgraded version of the FLIX upper-limit server is now available at
   Leicester. This version currently uses DR7 data; DR8 data will be imported
   and used in the future.

   The main change with respect to previous versions is that the FITS output
   file has additional columns, in particular it lists the count-rate to
   Energy Conversion Factors (ECFs) used in the flux upper-limit estimate.
   These ECFs are now those listed in the DR8 documentation. This tool is
   available at


   XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
   ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
   Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, Spain

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