Dr. Ken Ebisawa

Employer: Universities Space Research Association
Job Description: Astrophysicist
Phone: (301) 286-1586
e-mail: ebisawa@gsfc.nasa.gov

Ken Ebisawa is a Duty Scientist for the ASCA and ASTRO-E Guest Observer Facilities. Prior to joining the ASCA GOF at GSFC in April 1992, he had been studying at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science ( ISAS), Japan, where he analyzed data taken by the GINGA satellite ( GINGA page at ISAS), and also participated in the development of the ASCA GIS. He obtained his doctorate in 1991 from the University of Tokyo with a thesis titled "Spectral Study of Black Hole Candidates Observed with Ginga".

Dr. Ebisawa's main research interest is X-ray observations of black holes and neutron stars, super-soft sources, and Galactic diffuse X-ray emission.

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