Announcements of Upcoming Summer Schools

Notice that this list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but concentrates on summer schools of potential interest to X-ray, gamma-ray, cosmic-ray, and gravitational astrophysicists. The HEASARC also maintains a list of upcoming (mostly high-energy astrophysics) meetings, as well as a list of on-line proceedings of high-energy astrophysics summer schools. Updates, corrections, and/or suggestions about summmer schools should be sent to the HEASARC Help Desk.

High Energy Astrophysics Summer Schools

Other Astrophysics-Related Summer Schools

2022 Oct 5 - 13: Astroparticle School 2022

2022 Oct 17 - 21: Astro Hack Week 2022

Details of High Energy Astrophysics Summer Schools

Details of Other Astrophysics-Related Summer schools

Astroparticle School 2022

Workshop Dates: 2022 Oct 5 - 13
Application deadline: 2022 Sep 1
Workshop Location: Obertrubach-Bärnfels, Germany

We are glad to announce that the annual School for Astroparticle Physics will be back in action after two years of Covid-enforced break. The 17th edition of the School will take place from 5th to 13th October 2019 in Obertrubach-Bärnfels. With this school, we aim to offer young scientists the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge on topical developments in astroparticle physics and to learn about adjacent fields such as astrophysics, particle physics and cosmology. A further goal of the School is to stimulate contacts between participants and lecturers to strengthen long-term cooperation and networking in the community of astroparticle physicists.

As in previous years, it will be hosted by the "Gasthof Drei Linden" in Obertrubach-Bärnfels, a small village in the countryside near Erlangen.

The School imparts broad knowledge through dedicated lectures and presents scientific highlights in presentations of 90 minutes.

Furthermore, the participants will present and discuss their own work in afternoon talks.

Lectures include:

  1. Jonas Glombitza, FAU Erlangen, Deep Learning in Astroparticle Physics
  2. Jim Hinton, MPIK Heidelberg, Gamma-ray astronomy
  3. Anna Nelles, FAU Erlangen, High-energy neutrino astronomy
Invited Talks:

  1. Andreas Bauswein, GSI Darmstadt, Nuclear astrophysics of neutron star mergers
  2. Silvia Celli, U. Rome, Astrophysical acceleration processes
  3. Andrew Taylor, DESY Zeuthen, Gamma Ray Bursts and Gamma rays
  4. Eli Waxman (tbc), WIOS Rechovot, ULTRASAT
  5. Susanne Mertens, TU München, KATRIN
as well as participants' presentations and exercises

Please see the website for more information.

Astro Hack Week 2022

Workshop Dates: 2022 Oct 17 - 21
Application deadline: 2022 Jun 3
Workshop Location: Heidelberg, Germany

AstroHackWeek is, in part, a summer school. The mornings will offer lectures and exercises covering essential skills for working effectively with large astronomical datasets. Past years have seen topics such as machine learning, Bayesian inference, frequentist statistics, databases, numerical Python, and visualization. Check out recorded lectures from previous years.

AstroHackWeek is also an unconference and hackathon. The afternoon every day is entirely unstructured, and offers opportunities for collaborative research, breakout sessions on special topics, and application of the concepts covered during the morning sessions. Come with a project in mind, join someone else's or apply a new skill to an old problem.

Please see the website for more information.

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